Utah DUI and Criminal Law Attorney

The only reason that you are reading this is that you or someone you care about has been charged with a crime or is a suspect in a criminal investigation. Since I offer free consultations, you should call me immediately - nothing else is more important! The government is using its resources to obtain information which may be used against you. We need to obtain and preserve information that may be helpful before it is potentially lost forever. We also do not want to give the police the opportunity to create a circumstance in which they can lie about what you said. The police admit that they use “investigative techniques” which can include lying to you. The police and the prosecutors are moving against you - the fight is already on. Now is the time to defend yourself and fight back. The ramifications of what happens could affect the rest of your life. Just because the police and prosecutors say something is true doesn’t mean that it is.

What should I do if I have been accused of a crime?

If you are accused of a crime:

Immediately contact me for detailed advice concerning your particular case. We do not want to miss any important dates, or allow potentially good evidence to be lost. I can also help you to avoid being arrested on a warrant, and in some cases avoid paying for a Bail Bond. Do not talk to the police or anyone else about the facts of your case. Make a list of potential witnesses and other types of evidence that are important to your case. If the charge is a DUI, then you need to make a hearing request with the Driverís License Division within ten days of the date of the arrest (including the date of arrest). This is totally separate from anything to do with the Court. I will make this Request for you if you contact me soon enough.

I can help you, your family, or friends when you need legal help with any driving while intoxicated or other criminal law issue.

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