Scott Cunningham

Firm Background

I have been practicing law for 20 years and here in Utah for 18 years. I do exclusively criminal defense and driver's license defense. I am a graduate of the University of Utah and I graduated from University of San Francisco School of Law ( Cum Laude (top 10% of graduating class)). I am a member of the California and Utah Bars, the Criminal Defense Section of the Utah State Bar and the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. I am a solo practitioner. I opened my own solo practice when I moved here in 1992, and it has grown in number of clients based largely upon satisfied clients referring friends and family to me for help, or coming back to me for another case. Since I have been in this area for so long, I am familiar with many of the judges and prosecutors.

I offer clients a one-on-one attorney-client relationship. I am almost always directly available by telephone unless I am in Court, in which case I will call after I get out of Court, or at the latest, the next morning. I am happy to meet with my client at my office, even upon short notice. My office is conveniently located in Downtown Salt Lake City. There is no substitute attorney who will show up in Court for the client. I will be personally handling the case from initial interview to all Court appearances. I return telephone messages! I keep my clients informed about their case and what the next hearing is about and what to expect. I discuss the good and bad aspects of the client's case with the client and go over what our options are and what our chances of success are likely to be. I personally ensure that the client gets a Driver's License Hearing in DUI cases and I attend those in person. I think that I offer better rates than most attorneys in this area (I have heard of outrageous fees for the same type of case and outcome), and I do payment plans. I have been building my practice and reputation in this area not by charging the most I think I can get out of a client or by advising the most expensive course of action, but by providing excellent service and obtaining the best outcome for the client. I care about my clients and their cases. I listen to what my client is saying and I work not only for but with my client. I call witnesses and others connected to the case and find out what they know. I work to have evidence preserved before it is lost and I obtain it, if possible, or examine it. I help clients avoid convictions, or more serious convictions, help them to avoid jail, fines, loss of driving privileges, in some cases loss of a job, excessive probation requirements or unwarranted counseling and treatment.

In cases where the client is on probation, I help the client to comply with and fulfill the requirements. I can help my client get the level of their conviction reduced at the end of successful probation. I have been told that many attorneys will not even call a client back after the case is over. In some cases, our strategy may have included a plan that will take time to play out, such as getting a resolution of the case which will lead to a dismissal of the case, and then obtaining an expungment. I follow the case through to the end.