Scott Cunningham


"Scott did an amazing job on my case. I've been carrying his card in my wallet ever since, just in case."

R.D., Sandy, Utah

"Once again , we really want to thank you for everything you have done on B...'s behalf. We appreciate it more than we can say! I never imagined needing a lawyer but, I'm sure glad we found you! We will recommend you, highly, if we hear of anyone who needs a lawyer."

Thank you note from B.A. and family.

"Thank you for your time. I really do appreciate what you have done for me. I will happily recommend you to anyone I know who needs help."

Thank you note from J.B.

Actual Client Case Examples:

    Client arrested in Utah County for DUI Metabolite (drugs). Driver's License Division hearing held May 25, 2010. Trooper testifies in person, toxicology report shows positive for THC (active constituent of marijuana). Result: no action taken by Division against Client's Driver's License, $330.00 impound fee refunded. DUI criminal charge dismissed in Court (along with felony weapon charge).

    Client charged with felony for financial crime. Case dismissed at first Court appearance by agreement of prosecutor.

    Client charged with Possession of a Concealed Weapon. District Court Judge dismissed case on Motion to Suppress Evidence based upon unconstitutional detention of client and search.

    Client charged with felony Bad Check offense in Tooele. Criminal case dismissed based upon lack of evidence.

    Client charged with serious felony sexual offense against a minor. Plea deal obtained to avoid conviction, jail, lifetime sexual registry requirement and for case to be dismissed in 12 months if no new criminal offenses.

    Client charged with DUI. Cop testifies at hearing, my cross-examination leads Judge to dismiss case based upon lack of probable cause for cop to arrest client.

    Client charged with Providing Alcohol to a Minor. Client acquitted after jury trial.

    Client passenger in vehicle arrested in Riverton for marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Case dismissed at motion to suppress hearing based upon recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on case with similar facts.

    Client arrested and charged with DUI alcohol and resisting arrest. Careful review of copís video combined with copís recorded testimony at Driverís License hearing reveals that cop is caught in lie about seeing client driving recklessly. Case dismissed.